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Facebook look back video spoof of Tim Tebow

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[youtube][/youtube] Facebook look back videos were flooding timelines everywhere. So the Orlando Sentinel interactive team acted quickly. We produced this video of “What Tim Tebow’s Facebook ‘Look Back’ video should look like” in around 4 hours, so we could get in on the action as it was still happening. I assisted in editing and motion […]

Dwight Howard “Forget You” parody of Cee-Lo Green song

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[youtube][/youtube] Dwight Howard’s ex-Orlando Magic teammates channel Cee-Lo Green to deliver a message for their departed Superman and the hated Los Angeles Lakers. Produced by Rich Pope, Sean Pitts and Todd Stewart. Vocals by Len Xiang (, Jamaal K. Solomon and Don Hawkins. [youtube][/youtube] Before Dwight Howard hit the court for his first game back […]

The Lonely Island “Mother Lover” (Parody) “Glover Lover” feat. DANNY GLOVER

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[youtube][/youtube] Being a Danny Glover fan is a way of life for these three men, to the point that their creating a Danny Glover Holiday…Happy “Glover’s Day”. Special Guest Cameo by Danny Glover. (Videographer: Sean Pitts) Awesome video to work on with Shane Hartline, Kevin Dusinberre, and Andrew Martinet. Click here for full credits.

Presidential Sing-Off: “You’re The Vote That I Want” spoof of Grease song

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[youtube][/youtube] Music video spoof of Grease’s “You’re The One That I Want” pitting the 2012 Presidential candidates against each other in a sing-off “You’re The Vote That I Want” “Instead of a traditional debate, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney decide to settle this race once and for all in a, well, unusual way. (Apologies to […]

Carly Rae Jepsen spoof – Dwight Howard “Call Me Maybe”

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[youtube][/youtube] Published on Jul 27, 2012 New Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan has a message for his estranged All-Star center Dwight Howard: “Forget all this trade noise / Listen to me / Here’s my number / Call me, maybe”. Animation by Rich Pope/Editing, audio, and compositing by Sean Pitts/Lyrics and producer Todd Stewart.