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The Lonely Island “Mother Lover” (Parody) “Glover Lover” feat. DANNY GLOVER

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Being a Danny Glover fan is a way of life for these three men, to the point that their creating a Danny Glover Holiday…Happy “Glover’s Day”. Special Guest Cameo by Danny Glover. (Videographer: Sean Pitts) Awesome video to work on with Shane Hartline, Kevin Dusinberre, and Andrew Martinet. Click here for full credits.

Presidential Sing-Off: “You’re The Vote That I Want” spoof of Grease song

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Music video spoof of Grease’s “You’re The One That I Want” pitting the 2012 Presidential candidates against each other in a sing-off “You’re The Vote That I Want” “Instead of a traditional debate, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney decide to settle this race once and for all in a, well, unusual way. (Apologies to John […]