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2012 Orlando Sentinel Editorial Awards

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– Won the 2012 Orlando Sentinel Editorial Award for Multimedia Storytelling. For the interactive video project “Looks and Labels” on this page: In The Shadow of Race – Shared the Best Digital Innovation Award with Niko Floyd and Rich Pope. Orlando Dunkman projects: Dunkman NBA All-Star weekend and Dunkman vs. Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard “Forget You” parody of Cee-Lo Green song

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Dwight Howard’s ex-Orlando Magic teammates channel Cee-Lo Green to deliver a message for their departed Superman and the hated Los Angeles Lakers. Produced by Rich Pope, Sean Pitts and Todd Stewart. Vocals by Len Xiang (, Jamaal K. Solomon and Don Hawkins. Before Dwight Howard hit the court for his first game back in Orlando […]

Orlando Dunkman interactive project

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An interactive project from the mind of Graphics and Multimedia Editor Todd Stewart (inspired by Subservient Chicken) and brought to life by the Orlando Sentinel graphics team. I spent a hilarious evening filming hundreds of actions Dunkman performs: Visit the interactive here Try typing in “Jedi” or “Long shot” two of my favorites. The interactive […]